New ITU Report for Beamed WPT

A new International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report has been published on beamed WPT. You can find it here:

Entitled “Impact studies and human hazard issues for wireless power transmission via radio frequency beam“, it aims to “show how the proposed beam WPT systems can coexist with radiocommunication systems by conducting impact studies and demonstrating compliance with international and/or national radio frequency regulations and RF exposure guidelines.”

Furthermore, “the studies include test measurements in laboratory and field conditions as well as simulation and theoretical studies based on the proposed systems. The Report is also intended to provide guidance to the administrations wishing to allow implementation of beam WPT technologies in the proposed frequency ranges in order to minimize the potential impact of beam WPT on radiocommunication services. Furthermore, this Report is expected to contribute to discussions towards international frequency ranges and regulations for beam WPT applications.”